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Actual Nightime View of Pittsburgh from LeMont

LeMont is celebrating our 60th Year Anniversary during the Summer of 2020.

- JULY 13, 2020 -

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What great fun we had on #PittsburghTodayLive @KDKA. Thanks @CelinaPompeani @KDKAHeather @DavidHighfield.  Here’s our segment!  

- JULY 9, 2020 -

#LeMontMemories #LeMont60th

LeMont owners Anna & Ed Dunlap are well-known philanthropists in the Pittsburgh community. Many non-profits who host their fundraising events at LeMont are the beneficiaries of their generosity. Hair Peace Charities cancer patients share their memories of their annual Holiday luncheon to raise funds to help women surviving cancer with support, friendship, fellowship and wigs.

“If I could give the Dunlap Family a hug, I would do it right now. They have given our cancer survivors a day to celebrate together while getting the royal treatment with service, food and a view. During the Christmas season, we are able to look back and be grateful and be filled with inspiration for the coming year. Recently one of our survivors passed away from cancer. Her son posted the photo on the obituary taken of his mother and him at LeMont dressed up and full of joy together. It is an impactful day. LeMont is a Pittsburgh treasure. Thank you for your faithfulness to a hurting community of cancer survivors and warriors!”
Bonny Diver, Director Hair Peace Charities

“For a long time, I  was looking forward to getting dressed up and feeling special for this wonderful day at the Hair Peace Survivor Celebration! Other than Christmas, this was the best day of season for me and my daughter. Thank you to LeMont and the Dunlap family for caring about our community.” 
Cancer Survivor

“This event was one of the highlights of my 2019 holiday season. A beautiful day with wonderful people at a stunning location with delicious food! Thank you for bringing a bright day to a dark time of my life. I am 32 years old and half way through ovarian cancer treatment. I know I can face the future after being with so many survivors.”  
Cancer Survivor

“I’ve been blessed to be with fellow warriors along with Bonnie and our speakers and beautiful songs. My heart felt so many warm and positive feelings. Thank you is never enough. God Bless.”  Cancer Survivor

“Thank you to Hair Peace and The Dunlap Family for giving us a beautiful event with inspiration for survivors and especially for those who are newly diagnosed with cancer. LeMont is a beautiful restaurant in a perfect location and the staff is wonderful! I am grateful for the opportunity to attend.” 
Cancer Survivor

“Such an amazing luncheon. LeMont is absolutely fantastic for the location and beauty as is their staff. Top notch service and great food.” 
Cancer Survivor

“Thank you for hosting this luncheon and for being so kind and generous. It is such a blessing to be at LeMont with other survivors to give us a reason to celebrate together!” 
Cancer Survivor

- JULY 7, 2020 -

#LeMontMemories #LeMont60th

In 2006, LeMont was a location for the movie Mysteries of Pittsburgh, released in 2008.
The movie featured Peter Sarsgaard, Nick Nolte and Sienna Miller was based on the book by Michael Chabon. Nick Nolte played a mobster who owned LeMont.  Photo: Peter Sarsgaard, Anna Dunlap, Nick Nolte and Ed Dunlap. It was a chance for Nick Nolte, the “owner of LeMont” in the movie to meet the Dunlap’s - the real owners of LeMont!

- JULY 6, 2020 -

Marco Corona, Waiter - 40 years at LeMont (July 1,1980)

Favorite Menu Item:  My favorite menu item is rack-of-lamb. I could eat it everyday for three meals a day/seven days a week.

Favorite Holiday to Work: Definitely Christmas Eve is my favorite because that is one of the few times that we all sit down together to have our holiday meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap. We have a nice meal; then, my family comes up for dinner and I get to spend time with them. Since we work nearly every holiday, I rarely see my family on holidays. 

Favorite Memory: It was a quiet weekday night when a young lady (around 8 or 9 years old) came in with her father.  As they were seated at my table, the maître’d told me that it was her birthday.  As I approached the table, I noticed that the young lady seemed a little uneasy and almost intimidated by the opulent décor and the formality of the whole occasion. Her father also seemed a little tentative in his behavior towards his daughter as if this wasn’t something that they normally did.  Being in this business for so long, I knew it was my job to just not give these two the best service possible, but to make them both feel comfortable and truly enjoy the experience.  I attempted to build a bridge to show them both that it was OK to loosen up, relax and really take in the moment. 

As the night progressed, we began to laugh together and, as I observed from a distance, father and daughter were laughing with each other.  They both loved their meals and, for dessert, I brought a big piece of chocolate cake with a candle in it. Her father and I sang Happy Birthday together.  She loved it.  At the end of the night, they both thanked me and they left in a much more relaxed mood than when they got there.

About a month later, I received a letter from the father of the young lady.  In the letter, he expressed his gratitude to the restaurant and me for making them both feel welcome and comfortable.  Her father explained that he doesn’t see his daughter very often and that he was a little apprehensive about that night.  However, by the end of the evening, he said that they both enjoyed the time they had together and that we made it all possible.  I still have that letter today.

My forty years in the industry have taught me that as professionals, we don’t just nourish the body, we nourish the soul as well. That’s why I keep coming back.

- JUNE 29, 2020 -

Roley Johnson, Assistant Chef - 25 years at LeMont Restaurant

Favorite LeMont Memory: I have plenty of great memories with my “LeMont” family. One of my best memories is one Sunday preparing for Easter Brunch. Executive Chef Robert comes in with his music and wearing an Army hat. When he wore that Army hat, you knew it was going to be a serious day. I was upstairs getting ready for my shift. I could feel the floor rocking with music. It’s almost time for customers to arrive and Chef is still blasting his music. Former GM Alex Colazzi comes back in the kitchen and says what the heck is going on? Turn down that music - it's Easter Sunday. Alex was so animated - always using his hands while talking to you. It was so funny - and one of those “ you had to be there” moments. I was laughing so hard; I was in tears. 

Favorite Menu Items: My favorite dishes aren't really on the menu. My favorite menu items are the Specials. Over the years, we have had some really great veal and lobster and veal and shrimp combinations.. Also some great specials featuring strip steaks.

Favorite Holiday to Work:  Easter and Mother’s Day are my favorite holidays to work. My job for those special days is to carve meat in the dining room. So being out of the kitchen, I get to talk with our customers. I love that. People love to stop and say Hello and I am so proud of the set-up of the food and dessert stations.
Favorite Customer Story: Le Mont is a special place to work. Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap have done a lot of great things with the restaurant over the years. I’m blessed with meeting and cooking for so many interesting and kind people. Kenny Steidl from the law firm Steidl and Steinberg is one of my favorite guests to see during the holidays - he’s a really pleasant person.  I really enjoyed preparing the Cancer Caring Center luncheons for a few years with former Steeler host Ryan Clark and now with Steeler Cam Hayward.

- JUNE 23, 2020 -

#LeMontMemories  #LeMont60th

On January 20, 1981, LeMont Restaurant was chosen as one of fifty award-winning restaurants to participate in A Taste of America - serving House Specialties in hors d’oeuvre portions for the Inauguration guests of President Ronald W. Reagan and Vice President George H.W. Bush. Park Schenley Restaurant was also selected to represent Pittsburgh, PA at the Inauguration.

- JUNE 22, 2020 -

Robert Vargo, Executive Chef - 30 years at LeMont

#LeMontMemories  #LeMont60th

Favorite Customer Story: When I served in the Army in Desert Storm, I was the personal chef to General Norman Schwarzkopf. Imagine what it was like for me when he had dinner at LeMont and we saw each other for the first time since Iraq. It was such an honor to prepare one more meal for him.

Favorite Menu Item: My favorite menu items are rack-of-lamb or veal.
Favorite Holiday to Work: Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are my favorite holidays to work. With 1,000 people coming in each day, it’s a challenge and a rush. Those are the best days ever.

- JUNE 18, 2020 -

Photo: Co-Chairs of the MS Women on the Move Luncheon Steering Committee: Sandra Bettor, Nancy Weiland, Joan Campasano Hoover with David Osmond, Guest Speaker who talked about his experience as a person living with Multiple Sclerosis.

#LeMontMemories  #LeMont60th

LeMont owners Anna & Ed Dunlap are well-known philanthropists in the Pittsburgh community. Many non-profits who host their fundraising events at LeMont are the beneficiaries of their generosity. The MS Society of Pittsburgh shares their memories of their annual MS Women on the Move luncheon.

From Anne Mageras, Chapter President

For the past 10 years in the Fall, the Pennsylvania Keystone Chapter of the National MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society, has hosted our annual Women on the Move Luncheon at LeMont. 

LeMont is the perfect setting to bring 250 MS supporters together for fine food,  entertainment and  a spectacular view.  Guests include those living with MS, caregivers, healthcare partners and donors who are passionate about creating a world free of MS!  Funds raised through this event support MS Research and life-changing services for those living with the challenges of MS. 

Over the years, guest speakers have included: Terri Garr, David Osmond and David Landers (Squiggy) who each share their own personal story about living with MS. Guests are treated to a pre-event cocktail reception and lunch - complete with LeMont’s signature Pecan Ball for dessert. All those in attendance have the pleasure of  perusing the silent auction and purse raffle, shopping and donating to a worthy cause.

What makes this event even more special is the generosity of Anna & Ed  Dunlap.   It is truly a pleasure to host an event at LeMont and a blessing to receive a donation from the Dunlap’s.

The CentiMark Foundation (Ed Dunlap’s roofing contracting business) also supports the Society’s Financial Assistance Program to provide financial assistance to those with MS who are experiencing a crisis related to domestic violence, lack of food, shelter and adequate medical equipment.

We are proud to partner with Anna & Ed Dunlap at both LeMont and CentiMark and look forward to future events and ongoing support.

- JUNE 16, 2020 -

Three Rivers Stadium was imploded on February 11, 2001, at 8:03 a.m. on a chilly 21 °F (−6 °C) day. Over 20,000 people viewed the implosion from Point State Park. Another 3,000 - 4,000 people viewed from atop Mount Washington. 

Many LeMont staff will say this is their favorite memory at work. LeMont’s staff worked through the night after their Saturday night shift and prepared for the sold-out 500 guest Sunday brunch to watch the implosion.

- JUNE 15, 2020 -

Danielle (Dani) Fingers, General Manager - 21 years at LeMont

Favorite LeMont Memory:  My oldest and most cherished memories are going to LeMont with my family.  It was always the place my Dad would take me for Daddy/Daughter dates. I can still remember what I wore the last time we were there while sitting in one of the booths.  Over the years, seeing father's and daughter's always makes me smile; and, of course, I have to tell them my story. I have had so much fun and have great stories with co-workers and customers. I would have to say the Implosion of Three Rivers was definitely a highlight.  Most of the staff just stayed straight through from Saturday night to Sunday morning to work the Implosion Breakfast! It was so cool! 

LeMont is a special place for everyone. Not only do we as employees get to make our own memories, but we witness our customers create their memories.  

Favorite Menu Item: I love anything tableside.  I like to make it as much as I like to eat it.  Grand Marnier Souffles are hands down the best thing ever.  But I can't forget about the Chilean Sea Bass either. Oh delicious, delicious!!

Favorite Holiday to Work: Holidays are all pretty crazy. The planning is always challenging and stressful but the reward is awesome! We see so many of the same faces and celebrate with them year-after-year. Some people have had the same table for 15+ years. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but New Year's Eve is my favorite.  There is something special about the strike of midnight when the fireworks go off. As staff, we can take a breath and say: "We did it!!!" It's a happy time with my work family. We all manage to find each other for hugs, kisses, well wishes, appreciation and a quick reflection on a successful holiday season. It's very touching to see how much we really care about each other! 

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Dnlap for everything you do to keep LeMont so special for ALL! Here's to many more memories and celebrations! Love you!

Favorite Customer Memory: One of my favorite customers is an incredible little boy named Jimmy Spagnolo.  I met Jimmy and his family on Mother's Day a few years ago. He was this burst of sunshine and happiness and just what I needed to brighten my spirits and change my entire mood for the rest of the day. I am pretty sure he had this amazing effect on everyone he met. His reaction to the restaurant was priceless.  When he left, he helped the Valet staff "call for the customers’ cars". He was a natural! We sent him a LeMont Valet shirt and made him an honorary member of our team! I look forward to seeing Jimmy and his family every Mother's Day.

- JUNE 12, 2020 -

Long-time LeMont customers will enjoy this photo
from November 1996 - LeMont’s 36th year in business:
Gene Creech;, Alex Colaizzi; Chef Tom Turner; Jim Blandi, Jr.; Jim Blandi, Sr.; Robi Ehrhardt

- JUNE 9, 2020 -

LeMont Trivia 1 of 60 - Original Menu

Let’s go back in time to LeMont’s original menu - Prime Filet Mignon Cressonniere for $6.75 or Breaded Veal Cutlet Saute a la Milanaise for $4.25.  And for dessert, Pecan Ball or Cannoli for $.25

- JUNE 8, 2020 -

Favorite LeMont Memory: Of course my favorite memory is my wedding reception at LeMont on September 5, 1970. My husband Ed and I will be celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. We had so many family celebrations over the years at LeMont - birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, business events and my Mother’s 80th birthday.  So many happy memories.

Favorite Customer Story: One evening at LeMont, I was walking towards the bar and two couples motioned for me to come talk to them. They asked: “Do you want to hear a story about our 10th wedding anniversaries?” Of course I did - and here’s their story. They both were married on the same day at LeMont - one wedding upstairs; one wedding downstairs. But they hadn’t met each other. After a plane ride to an island for their honeymoon, they shared a cab to their resort and found out that they were both married at LeMont on the previous day. Needless to say, they became fast friends and celebrated their wedding anniversaries together each year at LeMont. That story makes me so happy, mostly because there are hundreds of other great stories about LeMont just like that one.

Favorite Menu Item: There are so many great menu items it’s hard to choose. My favorite is the Grand Marnier Souffle. It’s delicious. Customers need to pre-order it with their dinner since it takes a good half an hour to prepare. Other favorites are Steak Diane prepared tableside and French Onion Soup. 

Favorite Holiday to Spend at LeMont: Oh, my husband Ed and I both agree that 4th of July is our absolute favorite. The fireworks are spectacular each year. And, our wonderful vocalist Judi Figel sings patriotic songs and the customers join in with her. It makes us so proud to be an American. Our family has so many memories of holidays at LeMont - all of them special: Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. And we have so many customers who share those same traditions with their families. It’s great to get to know them and we enjoy visiting with their families throughout the years.

What Are You Most Proud Of? My husband and I are most proud of the wonderful people who work at LeMont. They are family to us. The LeMont staff is dedicated, loyal and hard-working. Just great people.  

We’re so proud to own LeMont Restaurant - it’s a Pittsburgh landmark. We are proud to have saved the restaurant as a beautiful showcase for the city of Pittsburgh. I always hear stories about first dates or weddings or business deals or birthday celebrations. Everyone has a story to tell about LeMont and I love hearing them all!


- JUNE 5, 2020-

Pittsburgh, PA’s premier five star dining restaurant, LeMont, located on Mt. Washington, celebrates its 60th Anniversary on June 6, 2020. LeMont is known for its exquisite cuisine, impeccable service, romantic atmosphere and the best view of the city of Pittsburgh.

Restaurateur James Blandi Sr. opened LeMont in 1960. The restaurant featured two rooms and 130 seats. It was built for $1.2 million on the site of Grandview Theatre. The popularity of the restaurant soared and Blandi built an addition for 32 more tables. In 1970, a two story banquet and dining room were added. In 1980, additional dining and renovations were completed.

- JUNE 2, 2020-

Congratulations to Ed & Ann Dunlap on 21 years as owners of LeMont Restaurant this week. We also join in celebrating LeMont's 60th year in business on June 6th. Our family has enjoyed many holidays, birthdays, weddings and celebrations at LeMont. CentiMark's 50th anniversary two years ago will be one of our favorite celebrations. LeMont is not only a special place for our family but for all families and friends to gather to celebrate and enjoy special times. What a special week to commemorate you and LeMont!  
With love from the Dunlap Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.

- JUNE 1, 2020 -

Current LeMont owners and philanthropists Anna & Ed Dunlap of Upper St. Clair, PA,  purchased the restaurant on June 1, 1999.  The Dunlap’s were regular LeMont customers over the 39 years before they purchased the restaurant. The Dunlaps hosted their wedding reception at LeMont on Sept. 5, 1970 and celebrated many birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and holidays at LeMont over the past sixty years.