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LeMont Featured Associate:

November 24, 2023

Nicole Austin

Nicole Austin, Pastry Chef. Nicole has worked at the LeMont restaurant for a year and a half. She bakes and experiments with bread pudding, chocolate lava cake, chocolate cake and carrot cake… along with her own specialty of marble cake and rum cake. Add in strudel and pear salads. “I came up with good ideas for rum cake and just love baking for the late Mrs D (Anna Dunlap, LeMont co-owner). She loved to talk to me about baking. She loved all my homemade desserts. Now that it’s the holiday season, it’s like cooking for your family with love. We’re so busy that the time goes by so fast. I work hard for my big family. It’s a blessing to have this job at LeMont. I thank God every morning for waking me up and watching over me. I am blessed!” 
Thanks Nicole for your hard work in making desserts and other goodies for LeMont customers.

November 17, 2023

Ronald Knight

Ronald Knight loves his job at LeMont. “I am now the Dish Room Supervisor and it’s really a great place to work,” says Ronald. “We have lots of fun! I’ve been with the LeMont Team for three years now. First I was a Dishwasher, then, Steward, and now Supervisor.” 

“LeMont’s food is great,” adds Ronald. “The Beef Wellington is my favorite - I love it!” Ronald notes: “We have a lot of different people coming through LeMont: entertainers, sports figures, wedding parties, graduations and proms. It’s an exciting place to work! Marco Corona [General Manager] and Chef Mike [Executive Chef Michael Campbell] helped rework our processes to make everything go more smoothly for everyone.”

Thanks Ronald for your hard work in taking care of the “back of the house” for LeMont customers.

November 10, 2023

Tom Z

Tom Z, as everyone knows him, is best known for his beaming smile and his extraordinary customer service.
For 40 years (1983), he’s been on LeMont’s Team starting as a Dishwasher, Pot Washer, Bus Boy, Banquet Server, Bartender, Ala Carte Server and, currently, LeMont’s Management Team.

Like most of Tom’s LeMont co-workers: Rack-of-Lamb is his favorite menu item.

Thanks Tom Z for your hard work ensuring that LeMont customers
have an amazing dining experience with family and friends.


Executive Chef Michael Campbell

Executive Chef Michael Campbell joined LeMont in June 2023. Chef Mike was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area and he and his family are currently living in Plum. They have lived all over the country: Boston, New York, New Jersey and Florida.

“I’m happy to be back home in Pittsburgh and to be a part of LeMont’s Team. I first had dinner at LeMont in 1989 for my high school’s Homecoming dinner!” says Chef Mike. “I am excited to help bring LeMont back to its prime, glory days. I want to keep the menu new and exciting with food quality that’s consistently great.”

“The best part of my job is being able to be freely creative and put my own twist on our classic menu with new and interesting items including Homemade desserts,” adds Chef Mike. “My favorite menu item is the Bone-in-Ribeye. Ribeyes have a lot of flavor and the sauteed mushrooms in our Bordelaise sauce adds a perfect accompaniment.”

Chef Mike shares a favorite LeMont customer memory: “I had a gentleman call and ask if I could make him a Seafood Cioppino. He said he's been to numerous other restaurants - some of them had the item on their menu. However, they were either out of stock or the restaurant said they couldn't make it for him. I told him no problem: I would be happy to make it for him. When he came to LeMont for dinner, we served him the dish. He was gleaming from ear-to-ear with his face buried in the hot steaming bowl of shellfish! He thanked me numerous times and was so pleased that we took the effort and made it for him.”

Outside of the restaurant, Chef Mike spends time with his family, rides his Ninja motorcycle and plays video games. Chef Mike and his wife are the parents of three children: daughters (21 and 19, college students) and son (16, high school junior).

Thanks Chef Mike for your exciting menu items and for your hard work ensuring that LeMont customers have an amazing dining experience with family and friends.
And thanks for always going above and beyond to meet our customers' culinary needs!

Chad Cook, 22 years

Chad Cook has been working at LeMont for 22 years. He started out as a food runner, busser, Banquet Server and currently a la carte dining Server. Chad’s brother Bryan has also worked at LeMont for 23 years. As Chad says: “But I’m the better looking server!”

“I love interacting with our customers,” adds Chad. “I’m a bit of a comedian at LeMont and love to make my tables feel comfortable, laugh and have a great time.”

Chad is a sweets guy - so his favorite menu items at LeMont are all the delicious desserts - Bananas Foster, Creme Brulee and Apple Strudel.

Chad shares one of his favorite customer stories: “Recently, I had two very nice customers who came in for dinner. Dinner went well and they left very happy. The next day, the General Manager came up to me to let me know the couple had stopped by LeMont and dropped off a Thank You card for me. When I opened it, they had given me an extra tip and said they had a wonderful time and that they would definitely be returning. I was floored!”
Although Chad has lots of great memories at LeMont, including when the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Ring Ceremony was held at the restaurant, he shares a special memory. “My favorite memory is that during quarantine in 2020 - rough times - I received an envelope in the mail from [the late LeMont owners] Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap. They sent every associate a gift card and assured us that LeMont would stay open. I was so appreciative of their kindness and miss them very much.”

In his free time, Chad likes to go fishing with his brother Bryan and spend time with his family. He lives in Upper St. Clair with his girlfriend, step-son and dog, Pixie.

Thanks Chad for all of your hard work over the past 22 years and for ensuring that LeMont customers have an amazing dining experience with family and friends.

October 20, 2023

Marco Corona, LeMont General Manager, 43 years

LeMont General Manager Marco Corona has had two interesting careers. For 43 years, he has worked at LeMont starting as a pot washer, a pantry cook, a busboy, a banquet waiter, an a la carte waiter and now as the General Manager. His concurrent career, until his retirement, was 32 years as an educator. He worked for 25 years as a social studies teacher and basketball coach and seven years as an assistant principal. “Yes, I did work both full time jobs simultaneously!!!” says Marco.

Like almost every LeMont staff member, Rack-of-Lamb is Marco’s favorite meal. He also enjoys the Raspberry Duck, Seabass and any dessert! The best part of his job is meeting new and interesting people from all over the country and the world.

With his over four decades at LeMont, hosting his son's rehearsal dinner and his daughter's baby shower were one of his favorite memories, “Everything was absolutely perfect and my family still talks about those events to this day!” adds Marco. "Our most cherished memories are on Christmas Eve when my family comes up for dinner. Of course, I work that day but we still get to spend that time together. This has been a tradition since my kids were kids. Now, the dinner is getting better because the grandkids come as well!”

Marco has so many favorite LeMont memories. ”Although I've waited on numerous celebrities, athletes and famous political figures during my long tenure here, my fondest memory was waiting on a father and his young daughter,” remembers Marco. “The two of them came in early one evening for dinner. At first, they didn't talk much. But as I began to interact with them and gradually bring them their order, they both opened up to me and to each other. By the end of the evening, we were all laughing and really enjoying ourselves. A week or so later, the gentleman wrote to me and said that it was the first time he was out with his daughter after he and her mother split up. He admitted that it was kind of awkward at first, but that their experience with the great food, view and service really helped them to relax and bond. It's those little things that really matter.”

Outside of work, Marco says: “Cars are my thing!” Marco has a wonderful wife, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter and one more grandchild on the way. “I was raised in Mount Washington: says Marco. “I used to walk to work when I was young. I currently reside in Zelienople.”

Thanks Marco for all of your hard work over the past 43 years and for ensuring that LeMont customers have an amazing dining experience with family and friends.

October 13, 2023

Christian Wood, LeMont Server, 2 years

Christian is one of the newest members of LeMont’s staff. He started two years ago as a Banquet Server and now as a Dining Room (a la carte) Server. (LeMont has ten associates with over 20+ years of experience; seven associates with 30+ years of service and three associates with 40+ years of service!)

Like most of the staff at LeMont, he absolutely loves the Rack-of-Lamb, but he also loves Seafood Aglio.

Although he has too many favorite LeMont memories to count, he is sharing one of his favorites. Christian had a young guest, Emma and her family. Christian had been their Server on a previous visit to LeMont, so they requested him for another dinner. Emma made a very special picture to give to Christian when he waited on her. What a very special gift for Christian!

Christian says that the best part of his job is co-workers - from his co-workers to management.

In his free time, Christian enjoys cooking and spending time with his loved ones. He has nine siblings and lives in the East Side of town.

Thanks Christian for all of your hard work and for ensuring that LeMont customers have an amazing dining experience with family and friends.

October 6, 2023

Beth Hayes, LeMont Server, 35 years

After 35 years at LeMont, Beth Hayes has had so many great memories. Once, she waited on the stage manager for the band U2. For her tip, he gave her seven tickets in the third row to the U2 concert the next night. At first, she didn’t even believe that he was serious!

And like many of LeMont staff in 2017, the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Ring presentation was one of her favorite evenings at work. Beth and the other servers personally handed out the Stanley Cup Championship rings on silver platters to players, coaches and management and it was the first time the players saw their names engraved on the Stanley Cup.

Beth started out at LeMont as a busser and moved to the Banquet Department and then to the a la carte dining room as a server.

“The best part of my job is meeting new people every night and helping them make the best of their special occasion,” says Beth.

“I am an avid foodie,’ adds Beth. “I would dine out every day if I could!” That being said, her favorite dinner at LeMont, like many of LeMont’s staff, is the Rack-of-Lamb, followed by the Raspberry Duck. She also likes to travel and try new restaurants.

Beth lives in Upper St. Clair and she is the mother of an 18 year old son. 

Thanks Beth for all of your hard work over the years and for ensuring that LeMont customers have an amazing dining experience with family and friends.

September 29, 2023

Bryan Cook, LeMont Server, 23 years

How can you not love your job working at LeMont when this is your best memory? “The best day I ever had working at LeMont was when we hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Ring Ceremony in 2017. We personally handed out the rings on silver platters to players, coaches and management,” says Bryan. “It was also the first time the players saw their names engraved on the Stanley Cup. As a huge hockey fan, I love that I got to share that moment with the likes of Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and the Champion Pittsburgh Penguins!”

Bryan began working at LeMont in February 2000 as a food runner on the weekends, delivering trays of food out to the dining room. In 2001, he became a busboy and worked in that position for the next 13 years.

Bryan then became a banquet server in the Banquet & Weddings Department. His current position is a server in the a la carte dining rooms.

While all the food is great, Bryan, like many LeMont staff, say that the Rack-of-Lamb is their favorite item on the menu. (Classic New Zealand Rack of Lamb: Sixteen (16) ounces of genuine New Zealand lamb boiled, topped with Dijon mustard and seasoned bread crumbs, toasted golden brown, finished with a Rosemary demi-glace)

Bryan’s really proud to work in the restaurant industry and specifically at LeMont. “It’s really special to know that, more often than not, I just made someone’s night out THE most memorable experience,” adds Bryan. “The best part of my job is to read a Yelp review left by an ‘Elite’ reviewer who commented on how his evening at LeMont was one of his best nights’ and knowing that I helped make that happen for him!”

Bryan and his family enjoy traveling, especially to all inclusive resorts. Bryan and his beautiful wife, Audrey, are the parents of two daughters: Peyton (21) and Taylor (18) - both college students.

Thanks Bryan for all of your hard work over the years and for ensuring that LeMont customers have an amazing dining experience with family and friends

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